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ABOUT ME: U KNOW WHO U ARE ------>>>>>"IT AINT BAD TO AIM 4 A BETTER LYF BUT JUST MAKE SURE DAT UR NOT STEPPIN ON SOMEONE'S FOOT WYL UR DOIN UR THING. BE AWARE OF D FEELINGS OF OTHERS SPECIALLY IF UR DOIN IT TO A RELATIVE COZ U WILL NVER HAV A PEACEFUL MIND NOR A CLEAN CONSCIENCE" "IT'S SO CHEAP HOW SOME PEOPLE PICK UP MY TRASH...maybe for them, my trash is a treasure..eeeww, totally disgusting" "When you look better, you are totally treated differently. People want to be around attractive people; I dont care what you say.." IF UR NOT INSECURE AND INTIMIDATED OF WHAT U SEE IN MA PAGE,THEN MESSAGE ME...TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO KNOWS THE REAL ME, (U KNOW WHO U ARE) IM SENDIN U MY LOVE AND BEST WISHES..THANX FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME....THANX TO ALL THOSE HOT AND HANDSOME GUYS WHO ARE SENDING ME MESSAGES HERE...INDEED,ONLY A TRUE BEAUTY CAN APPRECIATE ANOTHER TRUE BEAUTY WHILE THE OTHER BOYS S REMAIN ENVIOUS AND DESPERATE , I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM AND BY TIME ,,,,,THEY WILL STOP AND GET BORED OF HEARING NO REPLIES BACK LOL CIAO.." EVEN THE MOST HANDSOME GUY IN THIS SITE CANNOT BE TRULY HANDSOME IF HE HAS A BAD CHEAP PERSONALITY. FOR ME, THAT WILL BE A TOTAL TURN-OFF. THERE ARE SOME HANDSOME BOYS WHOS FACIAL EXPRESSION IS REALLY SOUR, SO ARROGANT. I am only interested to meet guys who are genuine, honest, respectful of others, accountable for what they say and do, possess positive energy and passionate about life. Someone who does not judge and hurt others unnecessarily. I will definitely be turned on by guys who are straight acting, cute and with a good HEART, this will be the direction forward for you!! The most romantic thing I have ever done for a man is the most simpliest thing. I just listen and remember. Give what he wants even though he forgot that he wanted it.

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 32 years old 18 - 60 yrs old
Location Las Vegas,Nevada,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
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Religion Catholic
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Profession Other

What I'm looking for

Who I Want to Meet: People with whom I am dare to be myself- my soul can go naked with them. They seem to ask me to put on nothing. Appreciating me for who I truthfully am. When I am with them, I do not have to be on my guard. They can say what they think, so long as it is genuinely them. People who understands the contradictions in my nature which cause others to misjudge me With them, I can breathe freely I can profess my little vanities, envies and absurdities- and in opening them up to them, they are vanished onto the white ocean of their loyalty. People who understands I can weep with them, laugh with them, pray with them Through it all, they see, know, and love me. . fake! fakers are never in fashion.
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